William Lee Meyrick

William Lee Meyrick

At just 20 years old, music producer William Lee Meyrick stands on the threshold of starting his music career. After two years at the Danish Songwriting Academy, countless hours behind both the drum kit, the computer screen, and with his guitar, the prodigious talent is venturing out into the world of music, notably as an in-house producer at the label OneHundred, where he develops his skills in collaboration with talented artists.

William's musical journey started in his hometown of Gammel Lejre in central Zealand, where he was captivated by music in his childhood. His interest in music stems from his father, who toured extensively through England with his punk band in the 70’s, and who has always had amplifiers and guitars on display at home – and the record player running.

William has fallen in love with EDM music – house music and drum & bass in particular. The genres allows him to showcase his personality as a producer in full bloom. And that is precisely the next step in his plan to conquer club music and leave his imprint on the sub-genres he loves. William approaches music with great thoroughness and a strong sense of quality. No songs are released until every detail has been reviewed over and over, ensuring the perfect result has been achieved in his productions.

For William, the EDM genre is the same thing as freedom. A musical playground where anything is possible, and nothing is accidental. William's trademark is the perfect imperfect, which emanates his playful personality. His music is surprising and consists of a nearly physical texture and most often a grainy sound which draws parallels to an almost cosmic sound universe. All together it gives William's sound an intensity that the audience experiences as emotionally charged and unique.

The dream is to hear his music played from the biggest stages – both in Denmark and around the world. William Lee Meyrick has just begun his musical journey with his first releases – and we can expect great things from this young superstar’s hand in the future.


  • Jiggy Album cover


    William Lee Meyrick
  • Money Dance Album cover

    Money Dance

    William Lee Meyrick
  • The Ones We Lost (Lizzy Wang Remix) Album cover

    The Ones We Lost (Lizzy Wang Remix)

    William Lee Meyrick
  • ude&flyve Album cover


    William Lee Meyrick
  • favourite mistake Album cover

    favourite mistake

    William Lee Meyrick
  • De Her Dage Album cover

    De Her Dage

    William Lee Meyrick
  • IK' STRESS MIG (fra DR Ultra's Klassen) Album cover

    IK’ STRESS MIG (fra DR Ultra’s Klassen)

    William Lee Meyrick


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