🇬🇧 HEDEGAARD, Unleashes His Hard-Hitting “INFERNO / Ratchets”

🇬🇧 HEDEGAARD, Unleashes His Hard-Hitting “INFERNO / Ratchets”

Danish producer HEDEGAARD returns with his hard-hitting new EP consisting of 2 tracks – brand new “INFERNO” and previously released “Ratchets,” aptly titled after the project’s two tracks. The EP has the musician-turned-DJ/producer’s signature “car music” sound, which he invented back in 2011 by unofficially remixing Dr. Dre‘s “The Next Episode” when he fused urban and EDM styles at around 100 BPM, which generated over 24M views on HEDEGAARD‘s Youtube channel and was used organically in thousands of video memes back at the time, generating over 200M views in total.

On display from the beginning of the ominous opening beats of “INFERNO,” the track incorporates robotic vocals and bone-shaking basslines with mechanical synths for a distinct video game-esque vibe, which is followed by the more club-oriented “Ratchets,” with its rap-inspired vocal hook and rhythmic beats. HEDEGAARD also unveiled a stunning 3D, AI-fueled visual show to accompany the EP, which he tested at one of his recent gigs at the Atlas Superclub in Bali to rave reactions. “INFERNO / Ratchets” is out now on HEDEGAARD‘s label OneHundred, operating under mighty Spinnin’ Records.

Since the release of an unofficial remix of Dr. Dre‘s “The Next Episode” in 2011, introducing the audience to HEDEGAARD‘s unique sound, he has produced several of the biggest Nordic hits in the last decade, generating more than – mind blowing – 1,4B streams across streaming platforms. “Happy Home” with Lukas Graham and “Twerk It Like Miley” with Brandon Beal and Christopher are just a couple of the major hits HEDEGAARD has released and produced over the past years, resulting in several #1 all over the World.

With the release of the single “NYC BABY” and the localized version “BEIJING BABY” – released exclusively in China – he took the top spot once again on the weekly QQ Music EDM Chart. Later on, the single took 2nd place on the quarterly version of the same chart for the entire Q2. The follow-up singles “BORED” and “The Ones We Lost” entered the Top 20 and became HEDEGAARD‘s 4th and 5th Top 20 entry in a row, underlining his status as the hottest EDM artist in China. That status was recently further substantiated by enormous viral attention on the Chinese social media Douyin, where HEDEGAARD accepted a remix challenge from the influencer Sander Kole, resulting in an 8-minute video that has generated more than 71M views and 2M+ likes.

The reward for his work does not only come in the form of impressive streaming numbers but has also resulted in nominations at award shows. HEDEGAARD has previously won several DMA awards, DJ and Club Awards, and as the top nominee at the Club Awards 2024 in five categories, and with a big share in a nomination in a sixth category, the feat is second to none in Denmark.